Meet Our Founder 

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A Little Bit About Our Founder, Kristen Amanda

Kristen Amanda is an artist and entrepreneur; painting, designing, and consulting for both residential and commercial clients.

Having served the design industry since 1977, her work has led her to a national and international clientele including Dayton-Hudson Corporation, Andersen Windows, Seagate Technologies, Target Corporation, and Pella Windows; with the majority of her work being commissioned for private residences. Kristen has acted as an Artist-in-residence for several educational institutions and has received recognition for both her fine art and her design industry contributions, including; The ASID Showcase Homes ‘Best Wall Treatment’ Award for her signature DIY wall finish; ‘Manda Mudd.

Since early childhood when her family moved twenty-eight times, through eight states, Kristen found a “companion” in painting. Later, painting and design became not only her sole source of income, but of calm and meditation during the busy years of raising her rambunctious brood as a single mom.

Kristen's style of painting ranges from modern, atmospheric, sometimes abstract forms to more classical renderings in the tradition of the Master's. Perhaps what she is most known for, though, is her muted color palette and distinct style of loosely formed leaves and branches; soft, floral elements and natural figures.

Having been raised by entrepreneurial parents who, in their eighties, are still pursuing the next big idea, it was only natural she too would cultivate  the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2000, Kristen Amanda launched Manda Mudd, bringing previously "pro-only" painting techniques to the soon to boom "Do-It-Yourself" market. Now celebrating its thirteenth year on the retail market, Kristen is pleased to share her product, Manda Mudd, with  all those who love to Do-it-Themselves.

Kristen currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her long time sweetheart, Peter, and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Gracie. She has four grown children whom she proudly raised on an artist's income.

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